Educational Resources

If you are like many others, you want to make a positive change in your life that may involve diet and exercise; but like many, you may not know where to start. With so many resources available, it is difficult to pick what is right for you. We have searched far and wide to provide you with a variety of educational resources that we believe can positively affect your life.

Hasfit is a Top 10 YouTube channel that has free full-length workout videos for ALL fitness levels. You can search by program or the type of workout you are looking to do. They also offer healthy recipes, have an app you can download for free available on Apple and Android devices, and numerous other resources available to you on their site for FREE!

fitness blender has over 500+ free workouts available to you! They offer a number of great tools such as workout videos, custom workouts, workout programs, and even meal planning. They stand behind research-backed information like eating whole, unprocessed foods, and working out to maintain a strong and healthy body.

The gaples institute

The Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology provides education regarding the powerful role of nutrition & lifestyle changes for heart disease prevention. This website has FREE resources available to you.

Culinary RX –
Powered by Rouxbe & The Plantrician Project

This is an online cooking & nutritional resource available to anyone looking to try something new. This is a paid course but it is wonderful for those looking to take their nutrition to the next level. It’s a self-paced cooking course to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle.

ornish lifestyle medicine

Dr. Ornish’s program concentrates on four important areas in your life – what you eat, how you manage stress, how much you move, and how much support you have. This program is one of the first to be covered by Medicare and is rapidly growing in other networks. You can see if it’s covered by your insurance and available in your area!

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