All About Nutrim

Many of our delicious recipes include an ingredient named Nutrim. You may be asking yourself, what is Nutrim? It is not a common ingredient that is sold in grocery stores. If you have chosen to create a recipe that includes Nutrim, this page will help you get started. This page was created to answer your questions and is dedicated to all things Nutrim!

What is Nutrim?

Nutrim is the only 100% all-natural Oat Beta Glucan Super-Food developed by the USDA for lowering cholesterol naturally. Nutrim is a very fine powder that is derived from oat bran. The soluble-fiber portion of the oat, or the beta-glucan, is released from the cell wall of the oat making it more accessible to the body.

What is it for?

Nutrim is the USDA developed way to get the cholesterol lowering benefits of oats - every day. Nutrim ß-Glucans bind to cholesterol that your body produces and to cholesterol that comes from your diet and then removes both types from the body!

Why use it in cooking?

Using Nutrim in your cooking provides every recipe with the cholesterol-lowering power of Nutrim! Nutrim can mix easily into both hot and cold liquids, as well as food. Nutrim can mix into already prepared foods, as well as be used as an ingredient in many delicious recipes!

How does it change my cooking?

That is an excellent question. Nutrim will naturally make recipes creamier
and a bit thicker. If desired, add additional water to off-set thickening from Nutrim. Nutrim provides a creamier texture to all of your favorite drinks and recipes! Start cooking with Nutrim today to get the cholesterol-lowering power of Nutrim in every bite!

How can I add Nutrim into all my recipes?

Nutrim can be used to replace a variety of different fats in recipes. Use the following recipes to include Nutrim into all of your favorite recipes!

  • Mayo + Sour Cream Replacer: Use 2 scoops of Nutrim and ½ cup of water to substitute ¼ of the mayo or sour cream in a recipe.
  • Oil Replacer: Use 1 heaping scoop of Nutrim + 1 cup of water to substitute ¼ of the oil normally in a recipe.
  • Flour Replacer: Replace up to ⅓ of the flour in a recipe with Nutrim.  
  • Butter Replacer: Use ⅓ cup of Nutrim + 1 cup water to substitute up to ¼ of the butter, margarine, or shortening in a recipe.

Where can I buy Nutrim?

Looking to purchase Nutrim or have more questions? Visit us at or feel free to give us a call at 1-800-862-0438. Prefer to email? No problem! Send us an email at and one of our team members will be happy to help you with any further questions!